Photo of Ibrahim Khider by Yuko Tanioka

Ibrahim Khider

Narrator in Text and Multimedia

I am a narrator since 2000. I started off as a writer for on-line and print publications but now grow my vocabulary to include audio/video production, photo stills, design, and nascent web development. All these mediums are tools to serve the story; be it a new product, the niche of a business, the mission of a non-profit or a journalism piece. I seek and define the most important part of a story and then craft an effective way to deliver.

My first book, Muslimgauze: Chasing the Shadow of Bryn Jones, a biography of the late musician, Bryn Jones, was published in 2014 by Germany-based record label, Vinyl on Demand in a run of 1000. It sold out within a year.

There are many tools to deliver narrative, be it pencil and paper, camera and microphones or computer software. It is the latter where I diverge from the trend by using free software. Free software is used by professional studios such as Blender (used for animation and pro-video editing), Inkscape (vector editor) is used by foremost graphics artists, and Ardour is used by pro audio engineers. Freedom does not just mean ‘gratis’, rather it requires four essential freedoms:

I am also trained in the Adobe Creative Cloud software among other proprietary suites, so that I can collaborate with those who use ‘industry standard’ tools and formats.

At my core, I am a storyteller, I write fiction and non-fiction, review and geek-out over electronic and experimental music via Feedback Monitor and Chain D.L.K.. I carry my mic and cameras with me at all times to capture the ‘decisive moment’, 2.5 ‘true medium’ pencils and bond paper.

I surround myself with mentors, both older and younger, to hone my crafts, ongoing. My favorite teachers consider themselves lifelong students, and I aim to be a lifelong student. Always improve.