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Welcome to my home site-in-progress, coded-from-scratch, as are the attendant blogs, using HTML, CSS, MySQL, PhP and the Bootstrap framework for starters. I am a rough coder, but learning and refining, working to get this site to a polished state. Though I am a writer at heart, it is no longer enough to be one in our current society. I take on web development and multimedia skills (such as audio/video recording and editing) to reach an audience. Hence my designation as a (multimedia) writer.

I am a music journalist with articles, interviews and reviews published both on-line and print since 2000. My niche tends to be electronic and experimental but have no problem colouring outside those lines if the sounds are interesting enough. I currently write for Perfect Sound Forever and Chain D.L.K. but wrote for many others. My first book was published in 2014, a biography on the late Bryn Jones aka Muslimgauze which took several years to research and write. It sold-out in a year.

I host and produce a bi-monthly webcast that showcases emerging electronic and experimental with a touch of retro. Why not have a listen to the latest episode and get a feel for what I do?

Since 2013, I shoot and edit video for community organizations, non-profits and small business including a few modest documentaries on the go. Out of necessity, I learn every facet of audio/video production I can. Have a look at my Archive.org presence to get a taste.

It seems I do not fit any easy category niche and if you are reading this, you probably do not either. If you are an artist, organization, or an interesting person, why not reach out and see if we can work on something cool together? Perhaps my penchant for narrative and content production and what you do can gel into a fun and wonderful project.